Move or Remodel?

Hello… I do many estimates that revolve around this subject. Moving always sounds easier then it really appears. Moving can displace you and you belongings for at least two years when I investigated this subject. Especially if you have a very big house with lots of “stuff”. New schools can mean displacement of your children’s friends, attitudes, and depression. You have to deal with working, school, daycare, unpacking, mowing the lawn…etc…. Why put yourself in that situation if all you need is a little more room? Remodeling can be fun, exciting, rather enjoyable too. We do it everyday, with little to no problems.

Remodeling is not all that bad using the right company. The homeowners only have to put up with a little dust, debris and decision making for the final decor.

Lifestyle Building & Remodeling Co. has been in the business for 25+ years creating new rooms, additions, screen porches and garages in the triangle for 19 years. We provide a 2-year warranty, healthy clean site, respect for the neighbors, and professional employees with real knowledge of the business. We ONLY use sub-contractors for the licensed trades, other then that it is kept in house. Give us a call,  you will be glad you did. 919-836-0412

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