Thank You to everyone who visited us at The Home Show this year!

It was a great success. We were able to meet allot of great people too. We appreciate you all for stopping in and visiting us this weekend. Hope you had a wonderful time. The Pergola give away was given to someone with a (570) area code. 20130214_141339

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Lifestyle Building & Remodeling Co. will be at the Home Show in Raleigh, NC Feburary 15-17

Come see Lifestyle Building & Remodeling Company at the Raleigh Home Show this year..We will be giving away an 8′x8′ Arbor.

The Show is FREE..

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Do you need Financing for your next home project?

Lifestyle Building & Remodeling Company now has financing for your next Garage.. maybe an Addition.. or that new Screened in Porch everyone desires. Lifestyle Building & Remodeling Company has been helping many homeowners fulfill there home projects for over 21 years. Isn’t it time you get a project completed that you been wanting to do? Call 919-836-0412 today for tour next project!

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Move or Remodel?

Hello… I do many estimates that revolve around this subject. Moving always sounds easier then it really appears. Moving can displace you and you belongings for at least two years when I investigated this subject. Especially if you have a very big house with lots of “stuff”. New schools can mean displacement of your children’s friends, attitudes, and depression. You have to deal with working, school, daycare, unpacking, mowing the lawn…etc…. Why put yourself in that situation if all you need is a little more room? Remodeling can be fun, exciting, rather enjoyable too. We do it everyday, with little to no problems.

Remodeling is not all that bad using the right company. The homeowners only have to put up with a little dust, debris and decision making for the final decor.

Lifestyle Building & Remodeling Co. has been in the business for 25+ years creating new rooms, additions, screen porches and garages in the triangle for 19 years. We provide a 2-year warranty, healthy clean site, respect for the neighbors, and professional employees with real knowledge of the business. We ONLY use sub-contractors for the licensed trades, other then that it is kept in house. Give us a call,  you will be glad you did. 919-836-0412

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We now have video on

Please take a look at current and finished projects on

please search for “lifestyle building & remodeling co” all films are in HD for your enjoyment.

Thanks for visiting our website.

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Finish my Attic? or put on an Addition? What is better?

Here in the south… attics are common for finishing into livable space vs. basements in the north. Attics unfortunately do not have the return on your investment as adding an addition on the side of your home. The average cost to convert an attic vs. build an addition is about 40-60% less than an addition. Is re-sale your major concern?  If so, then I would put on the addition, but if convenience is the concern, additional space for company or the children, and you don’t plan on selling anytime soon then the attic is a great investment long term.

Additions usually cost between $100.00 to $150.00+ per square foot depending on options and styles. I typically see additions costing more around the $130.00 range. I know this is more than what most home square footage cost are, but additions take longer to complete and usually need to include existing home remodeling too.

Attic renovations are common for adding additional square footage here in the south. Most homes in the $350K and above have typical walk up attics. If not, they are sometimes difficult to do and usually take space from an existing room. Typical attic renovations cost $45.00 to $70.00+ per square foot to complete. Any home that carries a 8/12 roof pitch can have a finished attic typically. Naturally a 10/12 or 12/12 roof pitch is even better. On a 12/12 roof pitch style home, and 28′ wide, you can have a finished room of 16-18′ room x length of home using 4-5′ knee walls. Typically most people think that it is a great size room for what it will cost.

This is how I would complete the room for cost and efficiency.

1) Make sure 1st that the floor is sufficient for living space. Your floor should have 3/4″ T&G plywood or 1″ of total flooring (plywood) 2) you need to have a minimum of 12″ of rafter size, fur it down to 12″ if necessary. The knee wall should be built with 2×6 materials, add opening for storage doors as needed. 3) Roof cross ties should be 2×12 for batt type insulation, or 2×8/10 for blown in insulation, check your local code for required spans of lumber. 4) Now that you have your framing complete, done to building code, consider what you want for electrical extras, as the electrical code will require so many outlet per foot and probably more than you will ever need. You may want to consider audio/theater room wiring, recess lighting too. 5) HVAC- This is a major decision, do I use my existing system?? or install a new one?? Well, for what it cost to bring the old system up to current code, damper control, and duct-work installation, it may be cheaper to add a separate system. Attics usually run warmer in the summer months, as all sides are exposed to the weather. One floor will have to be the primary floor for the system, and one the secondary..that means when one needs A/C, the other has to wait typically 3-10 minutes before it switches, but usually when that secondary is done, the other one needs it again, then back to the other one..results in an over worked unit, higher A/C bills, and short life span of the unit. I am finding that Ductless Heatpumps are the answer for most open areas. They can be purchased from 13 seer to 21 seer for under $2500.00 less installation. The last one installed by Lifestyle building & Remodeling Co. Inc. was a 16 seer, 2-ton unit. We are getting feed back that it raised the electrical cost $30.00 per month in the August heat, not bad for 800 square feet. A typically duct type system will cost $2400.00 to $3400.00 per ton, usually 2 ton is minimum. 6) Insulation is next, and the most important for long term savings. The typical code here in N.C. is R-19 in the floors, R-13 in the walls, and R-38 in the ceilings. Here in the attic, I would stay with the building code, except I would use R-19 in the walls, as the air behind the walls/storage area are typically hotter and colder then the typical exterior walls. You will need to install either plywood, netting or Tyvex behind the knee walls to contain the insulation within the wall cavities. 7) Now you are ready for your finishes and see your room completed. It is always best to hire a Licensed General Contractor to do this work, most homeowners do not know the building codes and can spend more money down the road. Attic renovations should ALWAYS have a building permit! Banks/Building code enforcement will find out when you go to sell, or you have a claim. Consequences are not worth it. Do not let someone talk you out of one.

Lifestyle Building & Remodeling Co. Inc has been finishing attics for the last 20 years here in N.C. we are very professional, know how to do the job in a timely manner without headaches to our homeowners. As you can see, we have the homeowners long term investment in mind. Call us today 919-836-0412 or email.

Thanks for reading my article.


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Lifestyle Building & Remodeling Company Volunteer to help “Military Mission in Action”

This past weekend all of us at Lifestyle Building & Remodeling Company helped a vet in need. We picked up our tools, and trailer and headed east to Onslow County to help a disabled veteran get his home back to normal. Things that were completed were new vinyl siding, deck, landscaping, and lighting. This was a wonderful experience for us, and have plans to do it again soon. We would like to thank Mike from M.M.I.A for having us this weekend. We have lots of military men and women who help keep us free and safe everyday. Next time you see a man in uniform, shake his/her hand and thank them for all that they do. These men and women are put into harms way everyday…and all of us at Lifestyle Building & Remodeling Company want to Thank You very much!!! God Bless

Link to news coverage-

Military mission in action webpage-

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Are all Construction Companies created the same??

No, They are not. Everyone can dress up, have a new truck and seem real nice when they meet you for the first time. But are they qualified? Hands on Experiences? Have all their insurances? and most of all…are they licensed? The State of N.C. requires all companies that do work over $30,000. to have a contractors license. I do not find this unreasonable, nor should homeowners. Investigate your next contractor and be ready to see if they meet all these requirements. Sometimes the cheapest and quick ready to go contractor could leave you with nightmares. Check their references, and look at work they already have completed. A smart homeowner will check with the Sec. of State to make sure the person they hire is real and honest by going to their website first.
Also know that internet advertising is just what it is…advertising.
Any one company can search for pictures, insert into their portfolio they have never completed. You will never see that here.
Here at LIFESTYLE BUILDING & REMODELING CO. INC we follow all the required regulations, insurances and licensing required for the past 21 years. Our portfolio is real, and honest. Don’t be a victim, be smart…. Investigate.
Have a wonderful day and stress free next project.

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Are Garages Really Storage Rooms??

For those of you, like me, who moved to the Raleigh area from the northern areas of our country, garages may not be storage rooms. In other parts of the country, many consider basements the place to keep their stuff stored. Well, here in the South and especially in the Triangle area, it’s hard to get a basement in the ground unless you invest in a basement lot. So, this means you homeowners without basements are storing extra stuff in your dirty crawl space, a very HOT attic area with a rickety ladder, or even in the spare bedroom.

Raleigh Garage Construction, Garage addition, NC general contractorThe solution to these storage issues, is a custom garage addition by Lifestyle Building & Remodeling. Garages are a very important home addition and can greatly improve your quality of life and the value of your home. Attached garages and detached garages can be over-sized to allow for easy storage of your belongings, or if properly shelved, it can have overhead storage above the cars. Another option is a walk up attic area in your new garage. All of these garage options make owning and managing a home easier. In the Raleigh-Durham housing maket, garages have become an important part of the house on resale values. If your house is on the market with a garage, and the same house plan down the street is on the market without a garage, your house will sell first! It’s a no brain(er) when considering the value that a garage adds to your home.

Lifestyle Building & Remodeling of Raleigh is an experienced garage builder, serving Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and all areas throughout the Triangle. We can attach a garage to your house or construct a detached garage. Attached garages bring better resale values at resale time. Garage construction typically costs $18,000.00 (std. 2 car) to $30,000.00 for walk up areas.

Why our Garage Construction differs from the Competition

All our custom built garages are built on REAL foundations (not monolithic pads), have brick to match your house, and are fully wrapped in plywood for structural strength of the garage. We use wooden I-Joist vs. floor trusses, as they do not bounce, and we use 50 year warranty plywood. The remainder of the garage matches your house exactly. We also provide a written 2-year workmanship warranty.

Is their a better way to do it?! Lifestyle Building & Remodeling specializes in garage construction and garage additions of all styles and sizes in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, and throughout the surrounding Triangle area. Call us today for a FREE on-site quote today. (919) 836-0412.

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Screened Porches “What people are saying…”

Are you ready for an outdoor living room, want it screened in?? I have built a lot of porches in our days. Small porches, medium porches, and very big porches…20′x36′. I know..that’s a big porch.

Sceened Porch builder Raleigh Durham NCMany homeowners in the Triangle tell me all the time, “I had always wanted a porch my whole life. Now that I have a porch …I am always eating, reading a book, or just relaxing on it.” Also, they say, “My screened porch is really an extension of my living room, but better! You are one with nature, friends, and children when you are out on the porch.” I have been told more than once…”being on my screened porch is like being in heaven”. I had a friend/cancer patient tell me her porch was part of her healing area.

If porches make such a great impact on lifestyle and enjoyment….shouldn’t everyone have a porch built?? Give me a call…and lets see where we can add on a screened porch to your home! Lifestyle Building & Remodeling has specialized in the construction of decks, patios, and screened porches for over 17 years!

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